Conversations with Snow and Ice


The Art and Science through Ukichiro Nakaya

"Science is a collaboration between humans and nature."


2. The Physics of Form: A student of nature

"As one such topic, Terada considered 'a physics of form', concerning which he frequently said: "If the forms of phenomena are the same, then as phenomena they are governed by the same laws. To pass over the similari­ty of forms as merely a superficial agreement is to act as a person who does not understand the true meaning of the word "form"". Terada's words have a very deep meaning, for he did not only meditate upon the idea. He also did actual research into the forms that appear in various phenomena: his research into fractures, electric sparks, sparklers, and the flow of char­coal calligraphy ink - all shared the underlying theme of research into forms."

Ukichiro Nakaya, excerpt from Literary Jottings 2. The Philosophical Type of Research
(Translation by Edward E. Daub)